To Enjoy Top 6 Festival In London Book Your Tickets With United Airlines Flights

If you have a dream to celebrate festivals in your dream city London, then, this article is undoubtedly for you. Everyone knows that London has always been one of the most exciting and cheerful towns in the world. So, for fulfilling your wish, United Airlines Flights has introduced many new travel packages along with new flights to London.

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By which you can take part in beautiful events and enjoy the fun festivals which is going to take place in this beautiful city. To know more about the most famous festival In London, keep reading our post.

Prade Of New Year’s Day 

To celebrate the first day of New year, the city of London get unites together to have fun and to welcome the New Year. It covers places significant parts of the city, accommodating a large foot-fall. The marching bands and dancing troupes attract a lot of tourists and locals.

British Festival Of The Great Beer

This festival is known for a lot of types of beer and other alcoholic beverages. There is good music with perfectly aged beer and alcohol to give the authentic taste. Held in Olympia, London, this festival usually takes place in August month.

London Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival in London has got some great music with live concerts. The festival occurs in different clubs in the city in November. The people in the West always love live shows, and this festival is appropriate for the people who like to dance to live singing.

Yatra In Rath Of London 

In London, Rath Yatra festival is the Hare Krishna Chariot Festival, which is organized by the Locals. The local Indians and British go on taking the chariot while chanting the name of Lord Krishna and seeking his blessings.


Halloween is one of the most adventurous and thrilling festivals in London and also in the Western countries side. People get themselves dressed up in the most horrific attires and then enjoy creepy parties and colourful events. This festival usually takes place in October.


For the Christmas festival, the whole world waits as it is one of the festivities of joy. In this time, markets are well decorated, and the houses, which are covered in snow are a delight for one’s eyes. Get yourself this delight by visiting United Airlines Official Site

So, we are sure that now after reading our website post, you are getting more excited. Then, to visit the glamorous city of London for participating in the exciting events then book your tickets with United Airlines Reservation

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