The Different Check-In Options for United Airlines Flights

The Different Check-In Options for United Airlines Flights

All of you know about online check-in facility of United Airlines by this via online you can quickly check your United Airlines Flights starting before 24 hours and ending 60 minutes the departure time from your office or home. Even, you can print your boarding pass on your mobile device.


At the time when you check your flight online, you can change your flights, pay a fee for baggage, check your luggage, or can modify your loyalty account number. Now, let’s see some of the other options of check-in, which is available with United Airlines Official Site.

Check-in Info Via Curbside 

You can check-in for your flight curbside before the departure time from 4 hours to 30 minutes. To check-in, you are required with your flight reservation code, photo Id, flight number destination or a number of the electronic ticket.

Check-in Info Via Self-service kiosk 

The kiosk is another option for check-in at the airport, and you can check in between half an hour to 3 hours before the departure scheduled time. You can easily receive a printed boarding pass. If you are not able to activate your kiosk then, you can get help from the representative of the airline. This mode can also be used if you have bags to check.

Check-in Info Via Ticket counter

You can check-in for your United Airlines Reservations at the ticket counter from 30 minutes to 3 hours before the departure time and receive a printed boarding pass.

Check-in Info Via Voice

Voice check-in allows easy and quick check over the phone if you don’t have any connection to the internet. With the help of voice check-in, you can tell the numbers of bags as you wish to check. Even, you can arrange your boarding documents to be delivered through email.

Check-in Info Via Auto

With the help of auto check-in option If your travel is eligible and you check-in for the flight of the first segment then, you can check-in for the return flight. It will take the necessary steps to check-in for your united airlines flights. You can also get your boarding pass from airport kiosk if your pass was not printed at the end of the process.

Check-in Info Via Mobile 

Mobile is the last option of check-in; travellers can check-in from their mobile devices on the airline website before one day of the time of departure. After check-in, you can connect your boarding pass from your mobile storage, and it can update automatically when connected to the internet with the latest upgrade confirmations. This is some steps of check-in with United Airlines flights. 

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