Explore The Amazing Brussels City with United Airlines Official Site

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and also, one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium. Even, it’s also the hub for comic fries, books, waffles, chocolates and of course beer. If you visit this fantastic city, surely you feel magical walking down in this. String lights hung right above the cobblestone streets, and the plaza of the Grand-Place is merely outstanding. So, if you are curious to visit there then, what are looking for do visit United Airlines Official Site and book your seats now. 

United Airlines Official Site

Brussels is a relatively small city, but size does not always give you the perfect description of what all magic you will able to create in this beautiful city. United Airlines will make sure you have an enjoyable experience visiting here. The time you step of the luxurious flight you got from United Airlines Deals, you will entirely fall in love with this fantastic city!

From the airport of Brussels, it will just be a fifteen-minute metro ride into the centre of the city or maybe a cab who will take about 30 minutes for the same. From South Charleroi, you will be able to board a pre-arranged shuttle bus, which will take you right to the city centre train station in juts for about an hour. The city has lots of different kinds of accommodation facilities right from budget to luxury; every one of the options is all pretty special.


There are a ton of homestays to rent throughout the city. Homestays are a great option if you’re travelling with a group and want to stay somewhere quiet. And many times the hosts, give you outstanding directions and recommendations for your time in the city. Even, United Airlines Official Site brings best possible for the traveller of their flight. 

Merdu Nord

For a tasty and quick lunch, nothing comes near to Merdu Nord. For an even more outstanding dining experience you should go for La Mare. If you are looking for more exotic cuisines, the district of Ixelles has the best restaurants, around the Saint-Boniface church and Place Du Chatelain. The sidewalks around the city are just phenomenal. A gathering place for different communities of the city is just great for your recreation. And by choosing to travel with United Airlines Reservations, you will have the best travel experience wherever you want to visit and explore the city.

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